New Fall/Winter 2016 Collection now online!

Jackets and accessories that tell stories. Each of the products signed Canadian, reflects the “cool” life-style of the Canadian cities that combine the love for nature with the urban enthusiasm of gathering, creating and evolving. Canada is one of the most liveable places on Earth thanks to these qualities: uncontaminated nature and modern metropolis. The same mix can be found in Canadian’s products, combining urban designs with hightech materials tested to be exceptional during outdoor activities. Outwear that can be worn to go on a hike in the countryside followed by a coffee in
town, feeling confortable in both contexts. Jackets that can be used as sports gear, as well as every day and evening article of clothing. A versatility possible thanks to the accurate selection of premium materials, and the research on designs and wearability. All this is enriched by a great attention to detail, which adds to the products signed Canadian, differentiating them from other brands.

The trends for the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection of the brand are the ultra-light lined jackets and parkas.

The parka
The leading product of the brand is presented in a wide range of designs, and the details are what makes this item so special: the fur necks, in faux fur and real fur, as well as the ecological mutton represent the originality of the A/W 2016 Collection. The vast range of colour combinations make each parka unique, which can be adapted to any kind of outfit

The ultra-light jackets
Canadian offers a wide range of lined jackets: from the traditional ultra-light designs (also available in the long version for the women collection) to overshirts and new trend jackets. Also biker and quilted bomber jackets, featuring the same materials, are available. One of the main characteristics being the inside linen with contrasting colors, reflecting surfaces and geometrical patterns. The colour palette includes black, charcoal grey, navy, bluette, ice, military colour, brown, burgundy and a delicate camo pattern.

The bomber jacket
As iconic piece of the Season, Canadian presents the bomber jacket in its classical version – in black, navy and military colour – featuring inside linen with prints illustrating animals and traditional Japanese drawings.

Why Vancouver is the new Mecca for cool-hunters

Canadian cities are experiencing renewed prominence among globe-trotting tastemakers. In fact, this is where we see the quickest proliferation of hipster cafés, niche galleries, cutting edge clubs, concept stores, designer hotels, and every other expression of “hipness” that can be inserted in urban socialization and culture categories. But it is their integration with the exceptional natural context that makes these cities unique and unsurpassable. In Vancouver you can surf, go hiking, and go skiing, all in the same day. In the race for the virtual title of Greenest City in the World, the city has allocated the equivalent of 22 million Euros for a maintenance and development program for parks and gardens. Urban vitality and protected nature create a unique environment, ideal for the emergence of creative talents in every field. Some of the most acclaimed musicians and DJs come from here – Tiga, Ritchie Hawtin, Deadmau5, to name a few – or the more mainstream pop starts like Justin Bieber. Together with Toronto, Vancouver is firmly in the top spots in every classification on quality of life in the city including the ranking from Monocle, the bible of international coolness. The Canadian cities are international symbols of a new good life in perfect balance between the excellence of urban life and the pleasure of the large natural areas. It is a lifestyle that Canadian pursues and supplies with its outerwear and accessories.

Canadian collaboration-series: Griffin Lambs

With the launch of its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, Canadian has begun its collaboration with international adventure and landscape photographers specializing in the Great American North. This creative project was conceived to enhance and promote a photographic genre that is currently being rediscovered in a contemporary manner, fuelled by new technologies and social networks. The first photographer invited to collaborate is the American from Seattle, Griffin Lambs. The images this photographer produces combine a particularly suggestive composition style characterized by thrilling points of view of majestic landscapes with a sober and chromatically minimal finish and almost intimate flavour. The human element is often captured in a prospective that brings to mind how small the human dimension is compared to the great natural spaces. Griffin Lambs’ photography traces the direction of modernity in the sub-genre of the landscape, re-examining the photography/nature relationship from a new perspective.

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